Q2 2020 Laureate Education Inc Earnings Call

6/8/2020 8:30

Llamada en conferencia Laureate Education Inc

Laureate Education Inc Conference call or earnings call will be held on 06-ago-2020
During the earnings conference call’s session, Laureate Education Inc will provide updated information and financial performance report status.
In order to join the earning call, dial the conference’s bridge and key in the PIN code. Contact Laureate Education Inc for this information
More and more companies choose to conduct their earnings calls through conference calls and online meetings and it’s important to keep up to date with all relevant information.
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Enrollment is our lead revenue indicator and represents our most important non-financial metric. We define "enrollment" as the number of students registered in a course on the last day of the enrollment reporting period. New enrollments provide an indication of future revenue trends. Total enrollment is a function of continuing student enrollments, new student enrollments and enrollments from acquisitions, offset by graduations, attrition and enrollments related to dispositions. Attrition is defined as a student leaving the institution before completion of the program. To minimize attrition, we have implemented programs that involve assisting students in remedial education, mentoring, counseling and student financing. Each of our institutions has an enrollment cycle that varies by geographic region and academic program. During each academic year, each institution has a "Primary Intake" period in which the majority of the enrollment occurs.    
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Laureate Education Inc (LAUR)

650 South Exeter Street, Baltimore Maryland 21202, United States