Q2 2020 ExOne Co Earnings Call

7/8/2020 8:30

Llamada en conferencia ExOne Co

ExOne Co Conference call or earnings call will be held on 07-ago-2020
During the earnings conference call’s session, ExOne Co will provide updated information and financial performance report status.
In order to join the earning call, dial the conference’s bridge and key in the PIN code. Contact ExOne Co for this information
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We are a global provider of 3D printing machines and 3D printed and other products, materials and services to industrial customers. Our business primarily consists of manufacturing and selling 3D printing machines and printing products to specification for our customers using our installed base of 3D printing machines. Our machines serve direct and indirect applications. Direct printing produces a component; indirect printing makes a tool to produce a component. We offer pre-production collaboration and print products for customers through our nine PSCs, which are located in the United States, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Japan. We build 3D printing machines at our facilities in the United States and Germany. We also supply the associated materials, including consumables and replacement parts, and other services, including training and technical support that is necessary for purchasers of our 3D printing machines to print products.    
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ExOne Co (XONE)

127 Industry Boulevard, North Huntingdon Pennsylvania 15642, United States